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Convoy 12

  • Half track 14:

    This is Convoy 12, we are closing in on Ponyville. Proceeding to Canterlot.

  • HQ:

    Roger. Carry on and stay safe.

  • Half track 14:

    Roger. Be advised, we will stop here to eat lunch.

  • HQ:

    Understood. HQ out.

  • * the convoy of 4 armored cars, 15 troop transport trucks, a staff car, 5 AA half tracks, 8 M3 Lee tanks, and 12 M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo's roll into Ponyville.*

  • Half track 14:

    Lead vehicle, stop at the cafe to the right. All vehicles follow him in. Time for lunch.

  • Armored car 5:

    Roger, lead vehicle is parking now.

  • *all vehicles park in front of the cafe. Several ponies watch in awe as the troops pile out of the vehicles. Among these are Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.*

  • Applejack:

    What in Equestria is going on?

  • *Firestorm, Night Blitz, Sophia, and Schrödinger get out of the staff car.*

  • Rainbow Dash:

    Whoa! Three alicorns!

  • Fluttershy:

    That other on looks like a human. But it has cat ears.

  • Rarity:

    Twilight, do you know anything about these guys?

  • Twilight:


  • Firestorm:

    So you're Twilight Sparkle. Sisters Celestia and Luna have told me much about you.

  • *all citizens in the cafe stop and stare at him.*

  • Twilight:

    did you say...sisters Celestia and Luna?

  • Night Blitz:

    Yes he did. And I am his younger brother. Sophia over there is our sister. Oh, where are my manners? Salutations, I am general Night Blitz.

  • Firestorm:

    And I am Commander Firestorm.

  • *End part 1*

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